ReRun Horse Sponsorship Program Manager – Volunteer Position Available

Horse Sponsorship Program Manager – Volunteer Position

ReRun Inc., a Thoroughbred racehorse adoption organization, is seeking a mature, responsible volunteer in Central NJ or the Fulton, NY area to manage and further develop its Horse Sponsorship Program. ReRun operates five chapters in the United States (NY, NJ, PA, KY, NC). The Horse Sponsorship Program Manager will be the main contact for sponsors, potential sponsors, and all sponsorship inquiries.

Horse Sponsorship Program Manager Duties:

–      Reports directly to the Resource Development Director.

–      Carries out duties primarily from home through email and telephone communication.

–      Maintains sponsorship database (e.g., sponsor’s contact information and name of sponsored horse).

–      Coordinates with ReRun personnel in other chapter states to ensure horse photos and updates for sponsors are provided to you through email on a regular basis.

–      Processes donations, issues donation tax receipts and thank you notes, and sends new sponsor packets through email and/or postal mail.

–      Sends horse photos to sponsors as email attachments and/or as color printouts through postal mail.

–      Maintains regular communication with all sponsors and responds to questions and/or concerns.

–      Stores and shares horse photos with ReRun personnel as needed.

–      Contributes promotional pieces on the sponsorship program to ReRun’s newsletter and other marketing materials.

–      Photographs his or her own chapter’s horses, if needed.

–      Develops and implement strategies to:

A. Better engage current sponsors throughout the year

B. Recruit new sponsors

C. Promote ReRun’s Horse Sponsorship Program

Horse Sponsorship Program Manager Requirements:

–      Minimum 1 year commitment.

–      Must reside in Central NJ or in Fulton, NY area.

–      Fundraising experience.

–      Time commitment of 3-5 hours per week.

–      Own computer/color printer and have internet access.

–      Proficient in MS Word, Excel, and email functions.

–      Own digital camera.

–      Knowledge of basic photo applications (uploading, cropping, improving color).

–      Possess strong writing skills (spelling, grammar, and punctuation).

–      Driven, creative and believes in the ReRun mission.

–      Respects and loves horses.

  About ReRun: ReRun is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 1996, whose mission is to rehabilitate, retrain, and find adoptive homes for Thoroughbred racehorses when their careers on the track are over. Each ReRun chapter contains one or more foster farms where the horses are cared for while they await adoption. To learn more about ReRun and its horse sponsorship program, please visit

To apply for the Horse Sponsorship Program Manager volunteer position, please send resume and cover letter to Christine Orman, at

  No phone calls please.


About ReRunHorse

ReRun is a Thoroughbred Adoption Charity. We get TB's off the track and rehab/retrain them before placing them in adoptive homes! Visit us at
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